Project Advisory Team

Sean McGary

Guitarist Songwriter 

Jimmy McGary's Son

Steve Davis

 Drummer & Recording Artist

 Mastering Engineer

Producer Over 30 Jamey Abersold Play-A-Longs 

 Danforth Professor of Philosophy Emeritus

St. Louis University

Author Saxophonist & Composer

Editor the JIMMY McGary Project

Patrick Harbison

Professor of Trumpet, Jazz Improvisation & Jazz History

​Indiana University



Fred Hersch

​Special Guest Contributor​​

 Associate Chair Brain Science

Washington University

Author Saxophonist & Composer

​​​​​​​​​The Jimmy McGary Project is a comprehensive investigation of the life and music of Cincinnati saxophonist Jimmy McGary. (1926-1993)

Principal researcher Christopher Braig, working in collaboration with Jimmy's son Sean, will create a documentary film, book and collection of recordings  never heard by the general public. These recordings will be restored using the latest audio restoration technology. 

The project runs from May 2th to September 15th culminating with the public premier of the film, restrospective of Jimmy's music and concert featuring many of Jimmy's former colleagues.   

Proceeds from the film premier and concert will fund the Jimmy McGary Scholarship for a student in great need.  ​​

David Dyer

Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music

Bachelors Of Music Jazz Drum Performance

Senior Vice President of Promotions
Warner Bros. Records 

Aftor that performance, the tenor saxophonist, a little guy named Jimmy McGary, took me to the back room and he played me a Duke Ellington record, "Live At Newport," He took the needle off at the end of the track and said, that's time.  -​Fred Hersch

​​Those new to the work of Jimmy should check out master pianist and composer Fred Hersch's interview with Terry Gross on Fresh Air. Fred's intimate recollections of Jimmy paint a clear picture of the man and his influence.

Fred will be participating as a guest in the film.  His autobiography Good Things Happen Slowly: A Life in and Out of Jazz ​is a must read for anyone.  Listener and musician alike.

Tim Hand

Associate Director Retail & Wholesale 

Wiley Book Publishing​​

Rick VanMatre

Professor Emeritus Jazz Studies  

Former Director of Jazz Studies University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music