Jazz Brain Training is a unique combination:

First is an inspirational essay that describes

Mihaly Cziksentmihalyi’s theory of flow in

cognitive states and applies it to the the

improvising student.  

The essay leads to exercises that are designed to enable a beginning jazz improviser to stay challenged and rewarded while making progress. 

I am excited to see how this approach integrates into young (and not-so-young) musicians’ training.

   -Dr. Jeffrey Zacks
   Associate Chair Psychology and Brain Science,
   Washington University in St. Louis

Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your books with me. I love the approach and think you did an incredible job putting it together. Man...I wish something like this was available to me when I was in high school!

   -Eric Matzat   President Palen Music Centers
     North American Music Merchants Board of Directors

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I have been reading Jazz Brain Training.  Super insightful and inspiring!  

It is fabulous that you continue to pass

along your great ideas and encouragement

to the students!  

   -Rick VanMatre   Director of Jazz Studies Emeritis
University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music