The German/American trio of Christopher Braig, Christian Finger and Peter Knoll formed in New York City under the most unusual of circumstances..... 

In June of 2018 saxophonist Christopher Braig was scheduled to interview twelve time Grammy nominee Fred Hersch in his SOHO loft for a documentary film about legendary Cincinnati saxophonist Jimmy McGary.   

Former St. Louis resident and Webster University chum Lauren Lee, seeing Christopher's itinerary on Facebook, invited Christopher to join her on the series premier of Forces In Motion at Silvana in Harlem after the interview which he gladly accepted.  The last act on the show that night was the Peter Knoll Trio. 

A long conversation ensued between Peter and Christopher after the show.  Mostly about being 50-something father's of young children named after famous jazz musicians.  The two decided to keep in touch.

Weeks passed until Christopher returned to NYC to perform at the Parkside Lounge with Tom Shad who happened to be leading the other group on the Forces In Motion premier.

Peter and Christopher kept up their dialogue and agreed they should find a way to play music together.  After several more weeks Peter brought in drummer and composer Christian Finger and set up a casual session at Christian's teaching studio in Brooklyn. 

After a few hours of playing the trio agreed a recording session was in order as soon as could be arranged.  A seven hour session was completed at Brooklyn Bull Studio on October 19th 2018.

The seven hour recording session is now in post production....