4=ONE is a collaboration between Indiana University, Jacobs School of Music, Professor of Trumpet  Patrick Harbison and St. Louis based saxophonist, flutist, and composer Christopher Braig. The group embraces a cast of accomplished musicians from across the United States as part of the creative process.

4=ONE presents original jazz compositions reflecting decades of individual musical journeys coming together in a collage of sound & rhythm.

The group deploys its unrestrained creativity through a collection of multinational dance rhythms, mood pieces, and innovative “Sculptures In Sound.”  

4=ONE provides a dynamic concert experience sure to resonate with music lovers of all kinds.  Dancing is always encouraged and appreciated.


Contact: Christopher Braig



Patrick Harbison's many recordings as a jazz trumpeter include a 1999 solo debut, After All. In addition to appearances as leader, his recording credits include the PsychoAcoustic Orchestra, the Blue Wisp Big Band, and David Baker's 21st Century Bebop Band.,  Pat is a long time Professor of Trumpet at Indiana University

​​​Saxophonist Christopher Braig is the organizer of 4 = One.  He is an active composer specializing in writing music for the group.  His inclusion of flutes, percussion and self designed instruments adds a World Music element. 

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